Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro Executive Chef Named Best Chef in Midwest

National James Beard Culinary Award Goes to Adam Siegel

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro in Milwaukee today announced that Executive Chef Adam Siegel has been named The 2008 Best Chef in the Midwest by the nationally acclaimed James Beard Foundation in New York City. Siegel, 35, was selected from an esteemed group of other Midwestern finalists, including three prominent chefs from Minneapolis and one from Kansas City.

The James Beard award recognizes Siegel for his culinary expertise in preparing French bistro cuisine at the Lake Park Bistro. Siegel offers a contemporary flair to the French preparation style of Les Plats Classique, Les Plats Traditionnel and La Cuisine Modern du Chef. Siegel is also Executive Chef of Bacchus – A Bartolotta Restaurant in downtown Milwaukee.

“We are extremely proud of Adam’s selection as Best Chef in the Midwest by the prestigious James Beard Foundation and are also proud of what this national recognition for culinary excellence brings to the City of Milwaukee and our entire region.” said Joe Bartolotta, owner of The Bartolotta Restaurant Group. “This award reinforces what we have known for many years, and that is that Adam is truly a gifted chef. Those who partake in his culinary creations are always in for an enjoyable and memorable dining experience. We join the dining community of Milwaukee and Wisconsin in congratulating him for his creativity and leadership at two of our restaurants.”

Siegel has worked for The Bartolotta Restaurant Group for eight years. He’s traveled the world during the early part of his career studying under several James Beard Award winners in San Francisco and Washington D.C., and also in Italy and France. In addition, Siegel also trained under Paul Bartolotta at the Spiaggia restaurant in Chicago. Paul has also been a James Beard Foundation award winner, is a nationally recognized and awarded chef as well, and currently runs a popular restaurant at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. Siegel was raised in the North Shore area of Chicago and graduated from the culinary school at Kendall College in Chicago.

The James Beard Foundation Awards is the nation’s pre-eminent recognition program honoring professionals in the food and beverage industries. The Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in a variety of categories including: Restaurants and Chefs, Books, Journalism, Restaurant Design and Graphics, special achievement and more. Industry professionals are involved in the judging process, which includes hundreds of entries. The Foundation itself is dedicated to celebrating, preserving, and nurturing America’s culinary heritage and diversity in order to elevate the appreciation of culinary excellence. The Foundation is named for cookbook author, teacher and champion of American cuisine, James Beard, who died in 1985. More information can be found at

The Bartolotta Restaurant Group is located in Wauwatosa and includes The Bartolotta Catering Company and several well known Milwaukee area restaurants, including Ristorante Bartolotta, Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro, Mr. B’s – A Bartolotta Steakhouse, and Bacchus – A Bartolotta Restaurant. More information on the restaurants and catering can be found at

Your Chance to Hear New York Times Best Seller David Sirota

Here's a great way to spend an evening with some dedicated progressives.

David Sirota, author of the New York Times best selling book Hostile Takeover, is coming to Milwaukee on Tuesday, June 17 at Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop at 7 p.m. for a book signing of his latest progressive clarion call, The Uprising.

Here's what the
Washington Post had to say about The Uprising:

The Uprising is a hard book to dislike or dismiss. Sirota reports cleverly and in pleasing detail about a complex world of political conflict that the journalistic throng obsessed with presidential candidates and their handlers seldom notices... He may not have the Establishment quaking in its Guccis, but his always energetic, often ironic reporting certainly made the quest worthwhile."

David has been a good friend to the progressive movement in Wisconsin and his blogs, columns and books are regularly cited in work we do here at One Wisconsin Now.

Can you join us June 17 at 7 p.m. at the Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop,
2559 N. Downer Avenue in Milwaukee? You can RSVP and get more details here.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Demand more from your radio dial

Dear Reader,

Did you know that America's top 5 commercial radio station owners broadcast more than 2,570 hours of conservative news and talk every weekday? In our age of Shameful Shock Jocks* spewing hate talk, we need to support the progressive radio alternative, where facts are a crucial part of the story.

Our friends at Air America Radio are breaking new ground and hot news stories. They have some of AlterNet's most popular writers and media figures on their team -- Rachel Maddow, Tom Hartman, Laura Flanders, and others. And now, you can listen to them any time you'd like to, on the web, for free. Give them a try.

Don Hazen
Executive Editor,

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

HISTORY IS MADE in St. Paul! - Barack Obama, June 3, 2008

Commuter Bus Ridership Up in Milwaukee, But After Years of Service Cuts It Won’t Be Able to Handle Increase

Published by Daniel Cody “Left on the Lake”

Data from the first three months of the year shows that Milwaukee commuter buses are seeing an increase in ridership that matches the national trend, which is something I’ve been predicting would happen for months now.

But there’s a problem with the increase in ridership here in Southeastern Wisconsin: after years of service cuts (and fare increases), transit officials now say they cannot handle a big increase in the number of riders.

Why? Because of poor long term planning and service cuts which have crippled the system and made it into a shell of it’s former self. When you completely drop nearly 20 routes, raise fares, and cut back on other routes throughout the system with a purposeful and deliberate goal of drowning what was at one time the best transit operation in the Country, this is what happens.

You have more demand for a service, but a deliberate willingness to not increase supply, and commuters in and around Milwaukee now are paying the price.

The kicker is that even at this late hour, with gas prices over $4.00/gallon, Southeastern Wisconsin still has no action plan in any regard to handle the desire of it’s residents to utilize more mass transit options:

As more drivers in the Milwaukee area convert to riding commuter buses from designated lots in Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee counties, those buses are becoming more crowded. But after years of slashing service, beleaguered public transit systems can’t gear up quickly to handle a major influx of new riders, transit officials

Those opposed to mass transit in Wisconsin, led by County Exec. Walker, have successfully blocked any real progress on mass transit for the better part of a decade now. As residents actually start to feel the repercussions of that policy, more and more will start to ask the very valid question of, “Why are we the only metro area in the Country moving backwards on transit?”.

That’s something Walker and his supporters should have to answer for.