Monday, September 18, 2006


Although there have been a small number of local upscale, high quality grocers in town before, we're very excited by the fact that Milwaukee will finally be getting a Whole Foods Market.
It opens Wednesday, September 20, at the corner of North and Prospect Avenues.
We have had the privilege of shopping at three of their locations in Chicago, (Madison also is home to a WFM), and find them to be the grocer of choice, with an incredible selection of healthy items, and an impressive selection of convenience offerings. There hot food bars are great!
Roundy's has made a great effort to appeal to upscale shoppers, with their Metro Market, but much of what they offer, I had seen previously at Whole Foods. It's great that we will finally be able to choose!

Whole Foods Market Milwaukee features:

* Beer & Brat Station
* Taqueria
* Rotisserie Chicken
* Brick oven pizza
* Coffee & Tea Bar
* Made-to-order Sushi Bar
* Made-to-order Paninis
* Gelato Bar
* Made-to-order Tortilla Station
* Large, abundant produce
* All-natural meats
* All-natural seafood
* Chocolate Enrobing Fountain
* Free Wireless internet in the lounge

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Anonymous said...

I suppose it's my own fault!
How could I expect to possibly be able to explore this vast new store, at 4:00 pm, on opening day!

ANYTHING I attempted to look at, or shop for, was blocked by other people- just looking!

I actually had a shopping list. I've shopped at three other Whole Foods, so I pretty much knew what they offered, but was unable to find it in the new store, because someone was in front of me, and oblivious to the fact that I, or anyone else, needed access.

This was true everywhere, but the time that really corked me, was when I'm waiting to get to the hot food bar, and a woman is in front of the soups, repeatedly dunking the ladle into the tureen, removing it, and examining it. She did this over and over again, and I just proceeded to the exit!

This is not a criticism of Whole Foods, but of my fellow Milwaukeean. Why can't people simply look around to see if they are in anyone's way?