Monday, November 06, 2006

It's all been for this moment!

Dear Friend,

We've been working hard to get to this moment. And, here we are -- we can see the finish line.

But, if we want to produce the Democratic victories our nation so urgently needs, you have one critical task left, and that is to get to the polls and vote.

It has been decades since there have been so many close, down-to-the-wire races for the Senate, for the House, and for critical state and local offices. Many of those races are close today because of what you and other members of the community have done up to this point.

And now, many of those races will be finally decided by what you do in the time between now and the closing of the polls. Please call and email your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to vote on Tuesday. Don't let a single person you know let Tuesday pass without voting.

And there's still time to contact Democratic campaigns in your area to volunteer your time and be part of grassroots efforts to get out the vote.

This is our chance to take the power to lead America out of the Bush Republicans' hands. Winning means raising the minimum wage. Winning means moving towards health care for all, starting with every child in America. Winning means forcing an end to the disastrous war in Iraq, and getting our heroes home.

Winning means firing the incompetents, stopping the corruption, and making America stop being the world's leading denier of global climate change.

Let's get out and do it. You've been amazing all along. You've stood up. Stand up again. Your country is counting on you.

It's on to victory from here.

John Kerry

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