Thursday, March 27, 2008

Budget Veto Highlights Walker's Fiscal Mismanagement

Budget Veto Highlights
Walker’s Fiscal Mismanagement

Milwaukee – John Zapfel, campaign manager for Lena Taylor, released the
following statement in response to the county’s budget surplus:

“I applaud the County Board for its well-crafted budget that created our 2007
surplus. Clearly, Scott Walker vetoing this budget was yet another example of
his short-sighted and misguided fiscal planning.

“There are several recent examples of Mr. Walker mishandling county dollars.
We just learned that because of his cuts to mental health treatment, the county is
paying our police officers $4.2 million in overtime. Mr. Walker has put us into
crisis mode for not valuing our county medical examiners, and we’ve lost talent
and a $158,000 contract as a result. And while Mr. Walker touts this surplus,
county residents have lost bus routes, our parks have not been maintained, and
bad management and neglect pose safety risks at the House of Corrections. He
has failed to show fiscal accountability or an understanding of how to properly
manage our county resources.”

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