Monday, March 24, 2008


Dear Milwaukee County Resident,

After five years of the current County Executive Administration, Milwaukee County tax payers are in an unwarranted position. Two thirds of Milwaukee County residents believe that County Government is on the wrong track.

You have spoken and I have listened.

With inexcusable cuts to our court system, detrimental eliminations to public transportation that make it difficult for our children to get to school and parents to get to work, along with closing parks that people from all walks of life depend on for recreation, we as Milwaukee county residents deserve better.

As a member of the powerful state senate joint finance committee, I have experience in creating budgets that maintain public services. I will put that experience to work for Milwaukee County.

Just as I have as a state legislator, I will work hard to:

Reform our pension system
Restore fiscal accountability
Fight for our fair share of property tax relief from Madison
Maintain services that we expect from County Government

I will work with the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors to create balanced budgets that will improve our quality of life, meet the needs of families, and our seniors.

The incumbent has made the office of County Executive a partisan one. I intend to make the office of the County Executive one that is accountable to the community – not just partisan politics.

With new direction, new leadership, and new vision, I will put Milwaukee County Government back on the right track.

Candidate Forum Tuesday, March 25
Sponsor: Marquette University Les Aspin Center
Marquette University Law School, 1103 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee
Public welcome.

Candidate Forum Wednesday, March 26
Sponsor: 4th Street Forum
Marquette Milwaukee Turner Hall, 2nd Floor, 1034 N 4th St, Milwaukee
Public welcome.

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