Monday, October 02, 2006

AIR AMERICA RADIO for Milwaukee update

Hey Progressive Radio Supporters!

We’ve been quiet for awhile, but that doesn't mean we've been idle. There’s been a lot going on
behind the scenes, both here in Milwaukee and – as you may have heard – at the AAR network.

First of all there was the foolish firing of everyone's favorite Truthteller, Mike Malloy, and
the resulting cryptic statement from the network that it was for "financial reasons." Then there
was a rumor started on that AAR was going bankrupt. It was unfounded;
nevertheless AAR does seem to be struggling financially.

Now we hear tell that there is something in the works that may end up resolving both of those
predicaments for the best – the network’s financial trouble and the status of the "Mike Malloy
Show." Unfortunately, we can’t share the details with you, Truthseekers – at least not quite
yet. Our friends at Nova M Radio have sworn us to secrecy on a stack of "The Truth (with jokes)"
by Al Franken. But trust us, the winds of positive change are in the air.

So what can we tell you? For one, we have a brand shiny new web site, courtesy of our friends at
3rd Coast Multimedia ( Our address is still,
but now our site has lots of fun bells and whistles that will let those who haven’t heard Air
America Radio to discover it for themselves. Plus we'll be featuring guest blogs by some of the
your favorite local and national bloggers! Check it out.

In addition, we continue to look at purchasing that great station with a powerful signal that we
mentioned awhile back. But our Nova M friends have limited resources – they're looking at you
and me, Mr. & Ms. Milwaukee, to pick up the slack. In other words, we need your financial help.
Please become a Founding Sponsor of Air America Milwaukee at:

As a progressive, you know that Milwaukee badly needs a progressive media outlet to balance the
political dialogue, which has tilted severely right. Becoming a Founding Sponsor of AAR-MKE is
an investment in Milwaukee’s political future. So take two minutes and go to:

And urge your progressive friends to become Founding Sponsors too! It’s time to stop griping
about Charlie, Mark and Jessica. It’s time to make a difference.

Thank you for supporting a progressive voice in Southeastern Wisconsin!

The Milwaukee Air Force

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