Monday, October 23, 2006

Thank You, Shepherd Express for the Great Cover Story: 10 Reasons to Vote "NO" on the Marriage Amendment!!

Ten Arguments Against the Amendment

The current issue of the Shepherd Express lists the "Top 10 Reasons To Vote No" on the amendment to ban civil unions and gay marriage. Below is a brief summary of what they cite as the top reasons.

* Because, in voting no, you will join Republicans, Democrats, the business community, unions, and many other respected individuals and groups.
* The amendment could negatively affect you even if you are straight. If you are in a solid relationship but are unmarried, you could lose legal protections and benefits that you may currently enjoy.
* Heterosexual marriage is not hurt by gay relationships. First, not one marriage has been put under strain because of gay relationships. Second, there are many other factors that put direct strain on many marriages. Some of those things are poverty, a weak job market, and the commercialization of sex.
* This amendment is a right wing attempt to manipulate voters and was designed to give them political advantage in an election year. Republicans hoped that having this amendment on the ballot would bring out their base and help them win more races.
* You can be a good person of faith and still be against this amendment. Representatives and members of every major faith group have declared that this discrimination does not belong in Wisconsin's Constitution.
* Taking a stand against the amendment reaffirms the separation of church and state. It will help insure that conservative Christian definition of marriage will not become part of our state's constitution.
* The ban could have dangerous and unintended consequences. Similar amendments in other states caused many problems that were not considered before they were approved.
* Wisconsin law has already defined marriage as a relationship between a "husband" and "wife," so why would we need to force such an amendment into our constitution?
* Tolerance is the way of the future. As time goes by, more people are more accepting of gay relationships and people. Also, surveys have repeatedly shown that younger people are less likely to discriminate and are more tolerant than their older counterparts.
* The number one reason that the Shepherd Express gives for voting "no": is that Wisconsin will make history if it defeats this amendment. Wisconsin was the first state in the nation to pass a law that made discrimination against gays illegal. It can also be the first state in the nation to reject a gay marriage amendment.

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