Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rush Limbaugh, Mark Green Attack Michael J. Fox Ad

As reported by One Wisconsin Now:

Actor and Parkinson's disease patient Michael J. Fox has appeared in commercials for candidates that support stem cell research all across the country. Fox appears in an ad for Governor Doyle that just began airing yesterday. In that ad, he says that Wisconsin holds a special place in his heart because embryonic stem cell research started here. He also says that Governor Doyle understands that promise that the science holds and the jobs that it will create. Fox shows very visible signs of his illness. After viewing some of the Michael J. Fox ads, right wing radio show host Rush Limbaugh claimed that Fox was only "acting" and called his shaking "shameless." Limbaugh is quoted as making the baseless claim that Fox was "exaggerating the effects of the disease." One expert of the disease called Limbaugh's claims "ludicrous."

One doctor observed that that Fox has a very severe form of Parkinson's that affected him at a young age. And he's been through many aggressive treatments. The physician said that the symptoms that Fox displayed on the commercial are common effects of Parkinson's disease.

The Michael J. Fox commercial took aim at Congressman Mark Green for standing in the way of embryonic stem cell research, and Fox says that Green's votes have set us back. In a response to the commercial Congressman Green accuses Michael J. Fox's ad of being "flat out lies" about his record on stem cell research. But Green's deceptive statement carefully parses his words. He talks only of stem cell research in general, knowing that he has stood in the way for additional funding for the most promising form, embryonic stem cells. Michael J Fox specifically took Green to task for standing in the way of embryonic stem cell research, so he in fact was telling the truth while Green chose to hide his real record. Green then concluded his press release by again citing the research that was debunked months ago.

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