Monday, October 23, 2006

A Message from John Kerry

Dear Friend,

435 House races will be decided on November 7. Each one of them is important.

But this year the old Washington rules have been broken. Instead of having only a few seats really in play, the electoral map is bigger than ever before. 75 highly competitive races - including the one in the district where you live - will determine the outcome of the contest for control of the House.

With the excitement of living where the action is comes the responsibility to do everything you can to help Democrats win. Will you sign up right now to help your local candidate win? Will you volunteer your time and engage in the critically important grassroots activities that decide close elections?

Sign up now to volunteer for your local House candidate.

There's more evidence every day that we can win on November 7 and win big. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has called on the most talented organizers in our party to plan and execute voter mobilization efforts customized to each of our party's 75 key districts.

They've got smart plans in place and lots of activity already under way. But your personal involvement can provide the final boost needed in these last two weeks.

Sign up now to volunteer for your local House candidate.

Anything you can do will be extraordinarily helpful. Our candidates and their campaigns can make effective use of any amount of time you can offer. The one thing we can't afford is for you and other Democratic activists in the center of the action to sit on the sidelines.

Please sign up right now. We'll work together - and we'll win together.


John Kerry

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